• In the beginning I come here for 2 weeks and I continue living here because Westover is a lovely place. There are a lot of students of different nationalities. I am from Spain and I am very glad here because I can speak English with other students, they are lovely and funny. The hotel is very comfortable and very nicely decorates and the owners are lovely. I recommend to anyone coming to Bournemouth.– Vicky Virreal, BBSI Language Student

  • I have had an awesome time here at Westover; this is my first and last year in England. I would definitely recommend this hotel to every International student who comes to Bournemouth because my time here was really nice and I have had a lot of fun with interesting people I have met here. And the owners are really nice as well.– Dario Bertram, MLS Language Student

  • I have had a great time at Westover, this is my first year living in Westover, and my first time in Bournemouth. I have met lots of great people and made some great friends, and the owners are incredibly nice.– Alistair Bailey, First year student at Bournemouth Uni

  • Moving away from home for the first time is pretty scary and not getting in to Halls makes it seem even scarier, but when I found Westover and moved in, it was like a home from home! I have met some lovely people here, and the experience is just as good, if not better than being in halls. The owners have decorated the place to an outstanding standard, and they are so lovely, we are like one big family now. It’s been amazing.– Louisa Lieng, Bournemouth Uni first year student

  • Westover is an attractive, convenient and fun place to be. I have met some lovely people and enjoyed some great times in my first year. Despite not getting in to halls, my experience has not been affected, mainly because of Westover. We all have such a laugh here and have had a brilliant year.– Eleanor Waterfield, Bournemouth Uni first year student

  • I have had a great time here at Westover, this is my second year living here in 3 years, the first year I lived here, it was my first year as a uni student and coming down to Bournemouth, I didn’t know anyone, but I met loads of really nice people, and 3 years on I am still friends with all of them, and now I am back living here 3 years and it’s still amazing, again, I have met great people and the people that own the hotel have also decorated the building throughout, which has made my living experience here great. I would fully recommend anyone who is thinking about coming to Bournemouth Uni for the first time to consider coming to stay at Westover, they would have an amazing time.– Scott Bromley, Bournemouth Uni final year student


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